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Loansome Doc Information

Via Loansome Doc, we provide Tufts/Tufts Medical Center staff, alumni, associate members, & non-Tufts affiliates copies of articles found on PubMed.


  1. Before using Loansome Doc with the Hirsh Health Sciences Library
    • Complete our Loansome Doc Registration Form.
    • We will confirm receipt of your service agreement by email and supply our LIBID and authorization code, which PubMed requires on its registration form.
  2. Once registered with us
    • Search PubMed.
    • Check the box(es) by the citation(s) you want.
    • Choose Order from the Send to dropdown menu (upper right of screen).
  3. When PubMed presents its Loansome Doc Ordering box
    • Click Sign Up!
  4. Complete the registration form
    • Intro - click on skip this step since you have already received our LIBID via email notification.
    • Enter Library Identifier - Enter our LIBID where prompted, then click continue.
    • Contact Lib. - Enter the authorization code we provided you, then enter our LIBID again, turn the radio button on for the category that best describes you, and click continue.
    • Terms - review the terms listed. If you agree, check off the box at the bottom of the screen and then click accept.
    • My Info
      • Create Login - create a password of your choosing.
      • My Info - enter your information.
      • Ordering Preferences - choose either E-mail (PDF) or Mail as the Delivery Method, as we do not deliver via fax. Set the Max Cost per Articleno lower than $4 for Tufts-affiliated individuals and no lower than $15 for non-Tufts users.
    • Verify - edit any fields that require changes and then click Complete Registration.
  5. Place Order
    • Click Proceed to Delivery Options.
    • Enter order details, read the copyright compliance documentation, check off the box to indicate this, and then click Continue.
    • Click Send Order.
  6. For subsequent orders
    • Follow Step 2 (above).
    • Enter your email address and password.
    • Follow Step 5 (above).


  • We deliver articles as PDF email attachments.
  • We do not:
    • accept RUSH requests via Loansome Doc.
    • deliver via fax/mail.


  • Requests may be canceled prior to processing without incurring charges. Once articles have been scanned or sent from other libraries, charges will apply.
  • We send invoices monthly.
  • Invoices can be paid via credit card, Tufts Dept ID, or a check drawn from a US bank.
  • We charge the following rates:
Patron Per article Article over 50 pages 
Tufts / Tufts Medical Center Faculty & Staff $4 $8
Tufts Alumni/ae $11 $22
Other Registered Users $15 $30



  • Please call if you have any questions about:
    • Registration & searching: Library Service Desk 617.636.6705
    • Processing & billing: Document Delivery 617.636.3787
  • You may also contact us via:
    • Fax: 617.636.4039