Harmful Content

Harmful Content Statement

The Hirsh Health Sciences Library recognizes the existence of harmful and offensive content in biomedical literature produced by scientific research communities over the years. While this content may provide historical context for changing cultural values and an understanding of how bias shapes scientific research, it is not the current mission of this library to collect and retain content for its historical value, but rather to meet the current needs of our academic and research communities.* In trying to meet those needs, we acknowledge that our collection may include outdated, biased, and offensive content. If you come across materials or language that you feel is offensive and does not serve our community, we welcome your input. Please reach out to us at hhslcol@tufts.edu.  Any requests for resources to be withdrawn will be reviewed and decisions made in accordance with our collection policy.

*The educational, research and clinical programs of the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Sciences and Policy, Jean Mayer USDA Human Research Center on Nutrition in Aging and the Tufts Medical Center, including programs developed jointly between any two or more of the units.