Course Reserves

The Hirsh Health Sciences Library at Tufts University maintains a Course Reserves Collection chosen by faculty to help support the teaching of courses. The objective is to ensure that high use items required for classes are more readily available to students during their study. These are processed by and made available through the library’s Circulation Department. Items placed on reserve may include physical and electronic books, films, journals we do not license electronically, and models. These materials may be added from library collections, an instructor’s personal collection, or may be requested for purchase. To ensure greater access to reserve materials, they are loaned out for four hours at a time during the day with only a few titles circulate overnight. 

Information for Students

All course reserves circulate for 4 hours, though a few books are available for overnight purchase. They may be picked up on or after 4pm and must be returned by 9am the next day. If you check out an overnight item on a Friday after 4pm or on the weekend (i.e. Saturday or Sunday), the due date is the following Monday at 9am. If any reserve material is returned more than half an hour late, a block will go into effect. You can read more about overdue items and block policy as well as borrowing material.

Information for Faculty/Course Directors 

If you are a faculty member or course director looking for information on how to place items on reserve, as well as utilize reading lists on Canvas and reserving rooms, please visit our Teaching Support page.

Still Have Questions?

Please call the Library Service Desk at 617-636-6705 or email if you still have questions about requesting, searching for, or checking out items on reserve.