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Books and models circulate for 4 hours.  Occasionally books are available for overnight loan.  They may be picked up from 4pm and must be returned by 9am the next morning.  If the item is collected on a Friday after 4pm or during the weekend, then the due date is Monday at 9am.  Laptops and IT equipment also circulate for 4 hours. 

Late Penalties

If a Reserve book or piece of equipment is returned more than one hour late then a block will go into effect.

  • 1st offense: suspension of all borrowing privileges, to be lifted 24 hours after item is returned
  • 2nd offense: suspension of all borrowing privileges to be lifted one week (7 days) after return
  • 3rd offense: suspension of all borrowing privileges to be lifted one month after return and notification to the dean
  • 4th offense: suspension of all borrowing privileges for the remainder of the current semester and notification to the dean

*As we do not collect fines, this policy has been put into place to ensure the timely return of materials.

Note: Suspension of borrowing privileges goes into effect once a given item is 1 hour overdue, and will remain in effect for the periods listed above.

In the case of reserve items found unattended or overdue items returned the next calendar day/kept overnight, an additional 24 hours will be added to a patron block. For example, if a reserve item is due at 7:00 pm Monday and not returned until 9:00 am Tuesday, the patron will be blocked until 9:00 am on Thursday. Any addition or reduction of time given to blocks will be made with the discretion of library staff.