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How to Conduct a Topic Search

1. Identify a topic

2. Search library resources for background information to get a broad overview

3. Formulate a research question

4. Focus your search 

5. Keep track of the articles you find with a citation management tool

Focus your Search

1a. For general topic searches, find keywords such as nouns and verbs from your research question.

Enter these search terms into the search form and review your results. Narrow your search by adding adjectives.


1b. For evidence based practice searches, use  P.I.C.O. to focus your search based on your research question:

                P = Population/ Problem: What are demographics of the patient or what is the problem?

                I  = Intervention: What action would you like to take to solve the problem?

                C = Comparison (optional): What are the alternatives?

                O = Outcome : What is your intended result?

Be selective in the terms you take from your P.I.C.O. responses. Start broad by entering only a few keywords , then go back and add more descriptive keywords.

2. Try a combination of these keywords to find the best results. Incorporate advanced searching techniques for optimal results. Ask Us if you need further help.