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Tufts Username and Password Information for Current Students

Incoming Students

Incoming students are assigned their Tufts username and password through the registration process defined by each school. Please contact the Office of Admissions or Office of Student Affairs for your program to get directions for setting up your Tufts username and password.

For more information about your Tufts Username or Password, please see:

Tufts Username - https://it.tufts.edu/username
Tufts Password - https://it.tufts.edu/password

Forgot Your Tufts Username?

See the Find Your Tufts Username Guide for directions.

Forgot Your Tufts Password?

  1. Go to https://tuftstools.tufts.edu
  2. Select "Change my Tufts Password"
  3. Select "No, I don't know my current Tufts Password"
  4. Follow the instructions on the webpage to reset your password.
  5. When you see “Your password has been successfully changed”, your password reset has been completed.

See Self-Service Password Recovery for more information about resetting your password.

Password Expiration

Your Tufts password expires every 180 days (6 months). As you near the end of the 180 day time period, you will receive e-mail notifications that will prompt you to reset your password.

If you know your previous password and it is within 180 days from when you last reset your password, use the following directions to reset the password:


If you do not know your previous password or if it is beyond the 180 day time period, visit this link and select: I can't remember my password.

After resetting your password, remember to change your Tufts password on all of your devices and e-mail programs that save your Tufts password (i.e. smartphones, tablets, Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail).