Images for Other Uses

If this is not for educational purposes and fair use does not apply, images under copyright and that have no explicit allowances for reuse will generally require permission from the rights holder in order to be reused in this way.  

Below are some resources that contain images that may not require obtaining permission for your use:

Creative Commons and Public Domain Images

Be sure to cite Creative Commons and Public Domain Images appropriately:

CDC Public Health Image Library
Please note, some images in this collection are copyright-protected and permission may be needed.

Cell Images Library
Some pictures may be published images and may limit distribution and reuse.

Creative Commons Search

Flickr Commons
Includes the National Library of Medicine collection.  While not all in the public domain, the images included all have no known copyright restrictions.

Google Image Search
After keyword searching, click Tools at the top of the results screen.  Then under Usage Rights, select Creative Commons licenses.  Google will search Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, as well as other creative commons-licensed content.

Health Education Assets Library (HEAL)
This search portal is supported by the Mountain West Digital Library, a collaborative of libraries, museums, and archives.

Wellcome Images
Please note, some images in this collection are in-copyright and permission may be needed.

Wikimedia Commons: Medicine
While all content should be reusable, please adhere to reuse requirements.