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Image Owner without Rights

If you are not able to regain control of your copyright, you may still be able to use the image:

  • Fair use, the balance in copyright law that addresses the importance of educational advancement, among other things, may provide allowances for the reuse of your image.  Consider the factors of fair use when determining if you can reuse a work.
  • If fair use does not apply, contact the rights holder or a permissions brokering agency, such as the Copyright Clearance Center, about obtaining permissions.  A fee may be associated.  

If your use is not considered “fair use” and you have not been able to obtain permission from the rights holder, consider an alternative image.

In the future, consider ways to maintain your copyright as the original creator of the work, including:

  • Amend the agreement you sign with a publisher/contractor when you submit your work in order to reserve the non-exclusive right to use your intellectual property for your own academic and professional activities, to make it available in digital form on your website, in the Tufts Digital Library, in TUSK and/or TRUNK, and grant these rights to your current or future employing academic institution. 
  • Assign a Creative Commons license to your image, which provides a somewhat straightforward copyright license protecting your rights while encouraging certain uses of the material.  The licenses vary depending on the types of uses you want to allow, such as reuse or creation of derivative works.  

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