Library Computers

About Hirsh Library Computers

Hirsh Library has a number of computers for patron use such as public computers, computer labs, and loaner laptops. 


All library computer users are expected to adhere to Computer Use Policies.

Save your Work

Patrons are required to save their work on an external media device (e.g. USB flash drive) or Cloud Storage (e.g. because all documents and settings are deleted upon restart.


Library Computers are equipped with software that supports the curricula of the Health Sciences Campus. Visit the Tufts University Software List to browse what software is available on each set of computers. 


Printing is available from these computers on the 4th and 5th floors of the Library.

Reporting Problems

To report problems with library computers, please notify the 5th floor Tufts Technology Services Walk-Up Desk or use the Report a Problem form.

Laptops for Loan


Hirsh Health Sciences Library offers the following for library patrons to borrow:

  • Apple MacBook Pros
  • PC laptops

To borrow a laptop, see the borrowing library materials page.

Public Computers

Hirsh Health Sciences Library offers 34 PC computers, which are available on the 4th and 5th floors of the Medical Education Building, for use by all members of the Tufts community. 

All public computers are equipped with accessibility tools, such as a magnifier, available from the start menu (start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility).

Computer Labs

There are two computer labs in the library, MedEd 510 and 514, that are available for instructional use by faculty, staff, and Tufts Medical Center employees.

One computer in room 514 of the Medical Education Building and one in 510 can accommodate wheelchair accessibility. These workstations can also project to the large screen at the front of the room, and therefore be used by instructors.


Users are expected to adhere to Computer Lab Policies.

Reserving Computer Labs

To reserve a lab, follow the reservation process by visiting the Tufts Space and Resource Reservation System. Please note: For "Setup type", "As Is" must be selected to view the available computer labs.

If you have any questions about lab availability or don’t have access to the reservation system, please email

Requesting Specialized Software

If you require specific software for your reservation, please contact at least two weeks prior to your class or examination.


The computers in the lab are available for use by library patrons when not being used for classes. For more information, view instructions for how to check the availability of the labs.

Rooms Capacity Audio/Visual Equipment Available
Room 510 12 PC computers Projector
Room 514 25 PC computers Projector