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Steps to Keeping your Computer Secure

  • Run up-to-date virus scan software
    We strongly recommend purchasing antivirus software for your personal computer. For PC, IT professionals currently recommend AVG (Free)Avast, and Avira as free options. Tufts University also offers Trend Micro Titanium and Anti-virus at a discounted price. Note: Only one antivirus should be installed -- More is not better in this case. 
    Be sure to stop by the 5th floor Tufts Technology Services Walk-Up Support Desk in the Sackler building if you would like help in choosing an antivirus software.
  • Update your Windows Updates and Security Updates 
    How to keep your Windows up-to-date.
    How can I tell if my computer is up-to-date?
    Don't forget to keep your plug-ins updated as well such as Java, Adobe Reader, and Flash.
  • Turn on Automatic Updates
  • Use a firewall 
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  • Change your administrator password to something difficult to guess. Passwords should not be based on a name (real or fictional) or on a significant date, telephone number, post code, email address, etc. or any dictionary word. Windows InstructionsMac Instructions.
  • Be Aware of spyware and adware, and consider using anti-spyware software. 
  • Don't open unsolicited email attachments, they could be trojans or viruses. If in doubt ask the sender before opening it. Never give your password via email. No one should ever ask for your password via email. 
  • Don't install software from popups. Many popups now ask you to install software that has spyware and adware. Always click no when asked to install software you did not ask for.