Tufts Username and Password Information for Clinical Faculty

Activating Your Tufts Username and Password

School of Dental Medicine Clinical Faculty

If you are Clinical Faculty of the School of Dental Medicine, you should ask your department chair to contact Tufts Technology Services to assign you a Tufts username and password.


School of Medicine Clinical Faculty

As an affiliate Faculty member of the School of Medicine, your department must submit the required appointment paperwork to the Office of Faculty Affairs to begin the process:

1. You will be asked to verify your identity via an email from noreply@tufts.edu. This email will contain a unique link that expires after 7 days. If you have not received this initial email, then please first verify that your department has initiated the process; then you may contact it@tufts.edu who can resend the link to you. 

2. A second email from Tufts University Human Resources (hr@tufts.edu) will provide you with your Tufts User ID and a link to Tufts Account Registration website. This site will guide you through the process of creating your user ID and instructions on how forward email to your @tufts.edu email address to a personal email account*. 

*IMPORTANT: Faculty should provide the required personal email address to receive all formal communications from Tufts University (e.g. your hospital may require that you use a hospital address).

3. Once successfully registered, you will receive an email from Tufts Technology Services (it@tufts.edu) confirming account set up and some helpful links.

Upon completion of steps 1 – 3, the Office of Faculty Affairs will mail you an appointment confirmation letter and faculty ID card.